IMG_3562_DxOMark Boner, Jr. – Mark has been playing the Drums since he was 5 years old, but has been around music all his life.  His Dad, drummer for local band “Krystal Klear”, taught him everything he knows about playing, and is Mark’s biggest influence.  Other drummers that have shaped his playing style include, but are not limited to; Neil Peart, John Bonham, and Buddy Rich.  He has been privileged to be surrounded by great musicians his whole life, all of which helped make him who he is today.  As a teenager, Mark played at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, Rash Field in Baltimore, Oriole Park Camden Yards, The Towson Festival, The Hamilton Festival, and local area night clubs.  He was asked to play with High Voltage and was thrilled with the opportunity.  In fact, Mark, Sr. played with Greg Kuta and Mike Davis in the 80’s – and now Mark Jr. is playing with them in 2010!  And, someone needs to bring some youth to the group!!  Music is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, and he does not ever see himself stopping.

IMG_5982Francis Crouse – Francis is one of the stellar front men and Lead Singers for the band.  A accomplished vocalist, he carries a swagger and commands an on-stage presence that brings to mind the real Brian Johnson.  Francis has performed hundreds of AC/DC tribute shows with High Voltage and several other national acts.  He has a dedicated and enthusiastic following, leaving nothing on the table when he performs with High Voltage.  Hailing from PA, Francis delivers the superstar front man image that will remind you of the real thing, and you will get as close to an actual AC/DC concert as possible.

IMG_5980Mike Davis – Mike pounds 5-string bass and shouts background vocals for High Voltage.  Mike has been working the Baltimore/D.C. music scene for a while, playing all styles of music.  He and HV Lead Guitarist Greg Kuta played together in the early days, along with HV Drummer, Mark Boner, Jr.’s Dad.  Mike earned the nickname of “HeavyMD” by playing the crap out of his low B string, experimenting with different styles – playing fretless on metal songs with Mutt and Kuta, grooving on the Americana sounds of “Naked Blue”, and faking his way through jazz tunes “Urban Funk”.  These appearances have landed him in numerous venues along the east coast & the UK, on cable variety shows, opening for acts like Foreigner, and performing with the Mark Rivera All Star Band and with Christine Ohlman the SNL Beehive Queen.  As part of High Voltage, he & Mark Jr. drive the AC/DC grooves, even slapping his way through Cliff’s driving rhythm lines.  Anyone who has ever listened to an AC/DC album knows how important it is to maintain a hard-driving style. Mike is  truly a stud Bass player and consistently delivers  the goods with energy and expertise.

band_mikedimayoMike DiMayo – Mike handles the Rhythm Guitar work and shares background vocal duties for High Voltage.  Mike notched 10 years as lead guitarist for Irish band “Rossnareen”, producing two albums, and building a large and dedicated fan base performing at numerous venues, Festivals and other local and regional events.  He has also collaborated with The Big Men for the production and recording of the Red Hot Woman project.  Mike has also performed on Good Morning America and at other Charitable and Special Events, with artists from major bands, including Night Ranger, Bon Jovi, Kiss, The Who, Billy Joel, The Saturday Night Live Band, .38 Special, Ted Nugent, Southside Johnny and The Ramones.

gallery_35Ross Hancock – Ross is one of the fabulous Lead Singers for the band.  A professional front man and accomplished vocalist, he carries a swagger and commands an on-stage presence that is truly remarkable.  “Unless you are a singer, no one can ever really understand the feeling of hearing your voice blast through a microphone at high volume”.  “There is no place on earth that I am more comfortable than on a stage with a mic in my hand and a couple of Marshall stacks at my back…”.  With close to a thousand shows and thousands of road miles, Ross founded TribeMarkStudio, producing charted recording artists and various independent acts.  You will also find him on local stages with several Rock projects, which include High Voltage.  “There is something about singing AC/DC for an hour or two straight…it’s just punching you in the mouth from start to finish…”.  Ross has recently been responsible for background vocals and co-production on the “Edge of the Wheel” project.  When you see Ross perform with High Voltage, it is as close as you can get to a full-on Rock Star production!

IMG_3623_DxOPaul Henkelman – Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Paul travels with the band to master the bagpipe duties for the epic hit song Long Way to the Top.

IMG_5989Greg Kuta – Greg has been involved in the Baltimore music scene for over 30 years.  He started playing live music in local bars at the tender age of sixteen.  In the 90’s he had a personalized song writing business called “Make a Note of It” and appeared on WJZ TV with Marty Bass.  Greg owns an original music streaming website  He currently enjoys performing in his acoustic trio “Street” and in High Voltage, where Greg drives the band with his skillful Lead Guitar work.  When Greg hits the stage in his traditional Angus Young schoolboy attire, there is no doubt that High Voltage enjoys one of the nation’s most talented AC/DC tribute lead guitarists!