HIGH VOLTAGE is available for bookings and will consider appearances for any type of events ranging from clubs and concert halls to festivals and rallies to casinos and cruises to private parties and corporate events.   If you want a definitive AC/DC power band, then HIGH VOLTAGE is the band for you.  If you don’t own every AC/DC album after we’re finished playing, you will want to after our performance!

Please be sure to provide us with as much information as possible regarding booking inquiries.  High Voltage owns the very best backline, PA, Lighting and staging equipment and we can produce our own shows without any outside vendor assistance.  We have our own dedicated crew and sound engineer to ensure consistent concert experiences for you your event, and every High Voltage show includes our very own Mascot Mike Babinchak, to help get your audience fired up and in the mood!  We also have a fully produced video presentation with customized video and graphics to take full advantage of a light wall if one is available.  You provide the power and we can do all the rest!

If you are considering a private party or celebration, there are numerous advantages of renting indoor venue space for your event – not the least of which include no weather related issues, staging and lighting, complaints from jealous neighbors, and of course liquor liability considerations.  We are experienced in working with local venues to make your event the best it can be, leaving the details to us.

Our experienced team can manage any size event ranging from the most intimate venues to large outdoor venues!

Email: contact@highvoltage.rocks